We are a youth-run think tank.

about us

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Center for Regional Research and Sustainability Studies undertakes conceptual, empirical and applied research with a motive to improve understanding of social and political issues and challenges mainly in the Global South. CRRSS is devoted to working for the awareness and implementations of United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Our goal is to create awareness related to political justice, social issues through research and strategic studies, with continuous work in the area of development and research. The ambit and scope of work in this field are enormous, hence, CRRSS devotes their efforts towards 6 Goals, derived from the UNSDGs, pertaining to the urgent needs CRRSS aims to create social impact through engagement of youth on issues affecting our daily lives. CRRSS aim is to encourage voices from all quarters, geographies and genders, and seeks to lead and aid policy thinking towards building a strong community, striving towards a sustainable and equitable world. Our mandate is to conduct in-depth research, provide inclusive platforms and invest in young  leaders of tomorrow.

meet our team

Senior Advisors

prateek srivastava

Executive Director 

Senior Advisor - Inequalities 

Sasha M paul

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Senior Advisor - Rights and Partnership 

Aleefa Ahmed

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Senior Advisor- Gender Equality

Dyuti Sudipta

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Senior Advisor, Gender Equality

Sayan Dey


Senior Advisor - Quality Education 


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Senior Advisor- Peace and Conflict


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Senior Advisor- Peace and Conflict

Peace and Conflict

Giovanna Giuriolo

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Advisor, Peace and Conflict 

Ari karp

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Advisor, Peace and Conflict 

Nikhila Kattamuri

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Associate, Peace and Conflict 

Gender Equality

Kashyapi Ghosh

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Research Associate, Gender Equality

Sharan Kaur Hunjan

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Research Intern, Gender Equality

Swakshadip Sarkar

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Advisor, Gender Equality

Yashasvini Gupta

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Research Intern, Gender Equality

Reducing Inequalities

Arunava Banerjee

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Visiting Assistant - Reducing Inequalities

Sagnik Bhattacharya

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Advisor - Reducing Inequalities

Arka Chakraborty

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Visiting Assistant - Reducing Inequalities

Public Health

Aditi Rao

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Advisor, Public Health Mandate

Anshula Tiwari

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Associate, Public Health Mandate

Yash Shroff

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Research Associate, Public Health

Climate Action

Vidhi Gaur

IMG-20220210-WA0026 - Vidhi Gaur.jpg

Intern in Climate Action Mandate