Center for Regional Research and Sustainability Studies undertakes conceptual, empirical and applied research with a motive to improve understanding of scientific and humanities-oriented issues and challenges. C.R.R.S.S. is devoted to working for the awareness and implementations of United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The center looks beyond the boundaries of listed criteria and performs work beyond the already existing topics and areas with an ultimate aim to create awareness about issues and challenges in the region and the work that is being done to make situations better and sustainable. Our goal is to empower research and strengthen studies with continuous work in the area of development and research. The ambit and scope of work in this field are enormous, hence, C.R.R.S.S devotes their efforts towards 6 Goals, derived from the UNSDGs, pertaining to the urgent needs C.R.R.S.S. aims to create social impact through its activities on issues affecting our daily lives.