C.R.R.S.S recruits up to 3 unpaid interns every school semester and summer break. An internship at the center provides students and young professionals with valuable experience in an exciting international think tank, research institute environment. Interns commit to a 3-5 month period for a minimum of 10 hours per week, in addition to a few occasional events. Apply for an internship at C.R.R.S.S to grow your professional skills, form lasting relationships with interesting people, and further an important global mission. Every applicant will be considered; C.R.R.S.S. needs your help!

Professional expectations

  • Strong communication skills

  • Willingness to attend events on nights and weekends

  • Passion for international affairs and diplomacy

  • Flexibility, detail-oriented

  • Positive, upbeat attitude

  • Ability to work with others and independently

  • Prepared to learn, research, and develop new skills


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