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We are now hiring for the Current Affairs team. All positions at CRRSS are unpaid, as we are a volunteer research organization


CRRSS in its quest to bring about authentic and relevant day-to-day content started its Current Affairs Mandate, an aspect unique to a research think tank, which commenced in November as a Weekly Feature Section to combine Journalism with Research. Since it’s inception, the Current Affairs Mandate works on a daily basis to bring to its audience news from across the World through its Weekly and Daily Features. As a non-partisan organisation committed to sharing authentic and unbiased information catering to readers spanning the World, we cover news from across the globe without any superficialities.
As a part of the Current Affairs Mandate we expect our interns to be:
1. Unbiased and accurate in their reporting.
2. Refer to authentic and informed sources to authenticate the piece.
3. Maintain a journalistic approach while writing without adding their personal opinions. Informed/ Factual references will be acceptable.
4. We expect our interns to devote 3 hours a week and come up with short but impactful articles (1-2) on a daily basis.

Journalism Interns : 10 Interns
Should be Journalism, Mass Communication or Media studies students
Should be able to report on various issues and provide blurbs everyday
Should be excellent writers, a test will be provided before hiring.
Should be punctual.
Should be able to keep up with news and report rapidly.
Should ideally be 3rd year students. Preference will be given to students with journalistic experience.
Good working knowledge of , Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and other Social Sites is desirable.

For More Information: Please Contact : tbhagawati.crrss@gmail.com

All positions at CRRSS are unpaid, as we are a volunteer research organization.

Apply by 25 October 2021. Positions Start on November 01 2021.