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The Global Conference for Conflicts

Conflicts are not a new phenomenon. Academics have grappled with the question of peace and conflict management for centuries. There have been discussions on the role of governments, superpowers, history, ethnicities, the United Nations etc. However, geography and its significance in peace and conflict management is not given enough importance. This conference is an attempt to bridge this gap by providing in-depth analysis into the eminence of geopolitical factors in promoting peace and inciting conflict. This conference will take you through a variety of themes and subthemes ranging from themes as broad as why geography matters? To specific case studies that show how geography interacts with conflicts. This conference discusses how geography plays out in conflicts and the nature of geopolitical conflicts. Geography has manifested itself in various ways in conflicts and the conference manifests this diverse interaction between conflicts and geography. Geography has led to segregation of communities as in the case of colonial policies. It has led to nuclear deterrence due to geographical concerns. It has led to conflict that arises due to the geopolitical interests of superpower. It has led to conflict between groups such as herders and farmers in Nigeria. While it has incited conflict, it is also a tool for peacebuilding and this is explored in the conference. 


The diverse interactions between conflicts and geography is the crux of the Global Conference On Conflicts presented by CRRSS from 28th to 30th August 2021.

Team CRRSS is proud to initiate an international conversation on a topic so crucial to our modern times. Students, scholars, and thinkers are invited to engage, interact, and discuss the many facets of geography and conflicts.


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