Haiti set for uncertain times and immense political unrest

The current political scene a string full of tension

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The current situation in Haiti looks likely to become a major constitutional crisis as the government continues to fund and openly support the development and influence of criminal organizations and corrupt agreement brokers. With numerous opposition parties uniting against the allegedly overstaying current president, Jovenel Moise to give up his seat of power with his term ending during early February. While many residents of Haiti are wary of their families safety and security as the possibility of a major economic collapse ever looming, the poverty cycle that has struck the small island nation for many years has led to the poor threatening their fellow neighbours and compatriots as gangs confidence continue to surge, even those with any cash on them are targeted and thus are paranoid about going out to do their daily shopping or any form of outing at all. Though the instabilities created under the policies of the current government and leadership are surfacing and gaining light shed, the president downplays his chances of stepping down as he proclaims that during the first of his five years served in charge of the nation, was taken up by a coalition type government. Adding more tension for the Haitian people, the president delivered a rare but overdue controversial one hour speech, president Moise stating the following, ’I am not a dictator, my term ends Feb.7 2022.’’

A History of struggle set to continue

However this is not the only or the first time that Haiti has experienced such a level of hardship as Haitians address the reporters with a realistic outlook that indicates the sheer lack of leadership and lack of promising economic adaptability Haiti currently possesses as the government lacks credibility, democracy and capacity to deliver on promises and basic needs.

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Critically the current president has also been witnessed by the U.S. to have purposely cracked down on the traditional democratic structure of the cabinet and has led by decree, and Mr.Moise having prevented any formal elections from taking place within the last four years of his current governing of the nation reducing nearly two thirds of the Senate, the chamber of duties and all mayors across the nation. Haitians are nonetheless tired of the politicking that has been occurring in their own backyard and have pointed to their growing frustration of poor U.S. policymakers as protesters demanding Moise’s resignation uttered the words, "Down with Sison’’, the current U.S. Ambassador Michele Jeanne Sison to the vulnerable island nation of Haiti, with Moise’s government arresting roughly 23 people including a court judge as well as two members of the supreme court as he attested that they were attempting a coup over his government.

Poor Judicial system ridden by an Iron Fist

Investigations into the scale of damage and corruption as well as confusion on Haitian freedom and livelihood induced by the current governing team has become even clearer due to the evidence traced down by Leon Charles, who heads Haiti’s national police force had directly dealt with protesters who believed they were set to liberate their nation, of which a couple of protesters were armed with Uzi submachine guns, machetes and assault rifles to name a few of the protesters arsenals. Though the controversy continues as apparently the Haitian Constitution legally sets a presidential term to be listed as a five year duration however, Moise initial election was discounted or annulled due to consistent fraudulence though in 2016 he claims to have democratically won his place in the office, this however contested heavily by opposition leaders.

Mounting distrust and uproar against current policies

Haiti has been noted by the International Monetary Fund to be in a state of imbalance and weak economic progress from 2018-2019 with little industrial or innovative technologies being introduced which highlighted a similar onset in 2019-2020 as the pandemic took hold of any potential progress. Moreover, major natural resources are on short supply and these rich commodities are now overrun by corrupt gangs that have been springing up in recent years. Concerningly, Haiti also sits on a leadership vacuum as it has rejected and been unable to ratify viable candidates to lead the nation through the current turmoil as Haiti’s national assembly has rejected two possible candidates for presidency, Jean-Michael Lapin and Fritz-William Michel with further barriers towards positive recovery taking shape due to a lack of a stable budget to invest on return of resources.

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Haiti’s riddle continues

To no surprise, Ralph P.Chevry a prominent board member of the Haiti center for Socio Economic Policy situated in the capital Port-au-Prince vocalised that,’’we are witnessing the making of a Somalia in the Americas.’’ Recent developments have seen a remarkable change in approach by U.S. politicians and lawmakers under the Biden administration as precaution has been taken and the U.S. ultimately deciding to back opposition members against Moise demanding a resignation, with a representative of the U.S. Darren Soto highlighted that he “understood’’ that the current administration must still be able to maintain a working relationship with Moise for the time being in order to successfully encourage what should ideally be “free and fair elections’’ for the Haitian people.

-Richardt Schoonraad

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