US ties with the Gulf Region and Middle East improves due to efforts from UAE and Bahrain

A Relationship of immense importance to global security

A statement officially released by the White House had complimented the term of “major security partners” for both the UAE and Bahrain after the three nations strategically aligned themselves with Israel, with the US highlighting that these decisions highlight the two Gulf nations,’’reflects their extraordinary courage, determination and leadership.’’ While both nations have also shared operation efforts and hosted various military drills.

The island nation of Bahrain boasts being home to the U.S. Navy's 5th division, while the UAE through its Jebel Ali port is the highest functioning station for American forces outside of the US. With Bahrain accommodating at least 5,000 US troops with the UAE housing 3,500 located in Al Dhafra air base. Moreover the U.S. has applied the label of “major non-Nato ally” as well in relation to Kuwait with the most centralised U.S. Army Central, which critically implies that the US supplies a nation with unique military and financial packages for nations who are not formally part of NATO which includes Bahrain.

This historical act comes as Trump serves his final days as US president following the UAE , Bahrain Egypt and Saudi Arabia coming together to overcome the infamous boycott of Qatar which has the Al-Udeid Air Base which also houses a Central Command base.

However, it is highly uncertain what the new development may present for the island Kingdom off the coast of Saudi Arabia and the UAE ultimately. With the Republican Donald Trump having worked on developing a consistent relationship with Gulf nations through the US focusing its ideology on a common enemy basis, this being the Islamic Republic Iran, after the Trump administration, unceremoniously leaving the nuclear pact originally signed with the US claiming that Tehran had overruled the agreements terms. This is evidenced however by the Ayatollah’s regime with the group being linked to various controversial policies and incidents in the Gulf region, the most recent being focused on oil tankers and infrastructure in Saudi Arabia which is one of the most significant allies to the US within the Middle East, the nation also representing a key standpoint between the Sunni and Iranian Shia.

This led the US towards convincing the UAE and Bahrain to sign the Abraham Agreements formally established relations with Israel, a major rival to Iran under the US’s perception. With Trump's administration being able to pave the way for both Sudan and Morocco to unite with Israel, having been previously isolated from all Arab countries due to deep issues related to issues related to Israel’s morally questionable involvement with Palestine. The US strategy with Morocco involved full recognition of Moroccan Sovereignty over the Western Sahara under the formal autonomy of the Moroccan Territory to the Alaouite kingdom.

-Times of Israel Though the U.S. military head commanders and the Pentagon have not yet responded to the finer reasoning behind the decision to apply the designation attributed to the UAE and Bahrain as major security partners, with the 5th fleet demanding for a direct response which has not yet been designated.

What lies ahead

Critically though, the United Arab Emirates and Kingdom of Bahrain become the first Arab Nations in roughly a quarter of a century to break common tradition, with the Middle East standing symbolising their allegiance against Iran. The new policy setup has essentially caught the attention of the Palestinian Liberation Organization stating that,”this is not peace, this is surrender in return for the continuation of the aggression.’’ With leaders from both the UAE and Bahrain emphasising that Palestine would not be forgotten in these terms regarding Palestine's stride towards claiming the West Bank and Gaza Strip back, with Palestinian forces allegedly firing from the Gaza region into Israel during the signing of the agreement. Though, the documents mention the significance of finding a solution over the Israeli-Palestinian however the document hasn’t officiated a two state resolution yet. Trump downplayed Palestinian opinion largely and largely hoped to that Palestine would get the incentive for peace talks or face being “left out in the cold.’’

-Arab News

What the Abraham agreement essentially Israel, the US, Bahrain and UAE share suspicions over Iran’s recent activities as well as ideology. While both nations have never formally associated with Israel which boasts one of the world's most advanced high tech industries in the world. Simultaneously the deal acts as a symbol to Trump's own defining of himself as the world’s best deal-maker with hopes of securing a second term and gaining approval from the Jewish and Christian communities especially US Evangelical voters. With the UAE’s de facto ruler, Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan iterating that the price of this accord-like deal comes forth with hopes to prevent the annexation of major regions of the West Bank.

-Richardt Schoonraad

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