The Visiting Research Assistantship Program is a non-residential program that invites scholars working on subjects relevant to the field of Development, Conflict and Peace Studies, Gender Studies, and Legal Studies.


Researchers with adequate research and academic expertise and substantial professional experience from institutes and universities around the world are accepted as Visiting Assistants. Visiting assistants can join C.R.R.S.S through an already ongoing project or can propose a study. 


To join an ongoing study, kindly review the project, and please consult the primary supervisor and/or the communications teams for more details. Kindly, apply for the program through the application on our website, and a CV. After careful review, shortlisted candidates will be called in for further procedures. 


To propose a topic, kindly consult an Advisor and an Associate from the center, from one of the specific teams. After a brief discussion, you can submit a proposal (3-page max) along with your CV through our online application system, available on our website. After careful review, shortlisted candidates will be called in for further procedures. Proposals go through an extensive review, to check for accuracy, credibility as well as the state of the art nature of the proposed topic.


Expectation and Requirements: 


  • The duration of the Visiting Assistantship would be three to six months: 

  • Fellows are expected to write an original research paper ( at least 2000 words) that will be published on our website, and present their completed work in the form of an online lecture. The assistant can also contribute with opinion pieces, commentaries while their time at the center. 

  • C.R.R.S.S. offers office logistical help, access to literature, software, etc, however, at our current capacity, it does not provide an honorarium to scholars. 

  • Upon completion, the applicant will receive a certificate of completion, C.R.R.S.S merchandise, and letters of recommendation (upon request only).


If this is an endeavor that you believe you are eligible to pursue, and have the adequate experience and expertise and most importantly the passion to work for change, kindly apply through our website. For more information on submitting a proposal please contact the advisor of the branch of your interest (cc our senior advisor) and for ongoing projects, contact Dr. Sayan Dey ( ) or Mr. Prateek Srivatsava ( )

For more information please visit our website ; or email us at; 

Currently not accepting applications. Next cohort applications open in August 2020.

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